About Us

Pluto Technologies is an IT-based Software Development & Marketing Company, focused on helping IT companies to increase their business world wide based in India. We do this through a range of Marketing & Sales services, with an established relationships to E-marketing and direct marketing methods. Our marketing consultants work with business-to-business Information Technology & Software companies to support them in their drive for increasing their maximum Sales & Productivity on Pan India Presence, both direct and through a channel, as well as technology Market Research. Whether you need to increase sales, improve your sales process, build reliable pipelines of qualified leads or build an entirely new sales channel then speak with us.

Pluto Technologies was founded in 2009, in a single room apartment, with a sole mission, to be recognized as an important force in setting and maintaining the standards for Software Development & IT-Consulting Services. Today, our stuff includes about 50-70 specialists with higher skilled & trained in different fields and working on an entire floor. We work in an atmosphere of trust & transparency and go beyond our area of responsibilities. We plan on continuing our growth over the next decade, nationally, and leading to be on Worldwide.