Mar 24, 2012

Better Web Design Tips for Better Search Engine Rankings

Better Web Design Tips for Better Rankings

At a point back in time, web design used to be real simple. Making the site attractive to the eyes has been the only important feature. This uncomplicated web designing services company India motto has been laid to rest long ago. Nowadays Search Engine Optimization Services Company India has totally changed the face of web designing. Therefore, it is time that you give a new look to your website but this time with better result, i.e. better rankings.

Here are some tips which you can consider if you want your website to gain better rankings. These are tips that big outsource search engine optimization experts company companies do to help their clients’ website gain good stats.

1. The first tip of all is that you should consider devoting more time in coding than designing. This is needed if no professional SEO technician is assisting you in doing the same. Spending more time in coding will help in creating a better “look and feel” of the site and with much ease. And by using descriptive tags in structuring your pages, it will ensure that search engines can easily read and understand all important contents of your site thereby ensuring better rank on Search Engine Results Page.

2. The second web design tip is that you should not keyword-stuff your content on the page but place them in strategic places throughout your site. You don’t need any outsource web development company India help to do this. And also remember that you can be penalized for keyword stuffing.

3. Don’t use Flash contents unless it is very important. The reason is that using Flash can affect your site’s ranking. However, web development companies use it a lot and that is a bad move. Using Flash for navigation, a trendy drop-down menu, etc. are very tempting but Search Engines have a difficult time reading and understanding such files.

4. Using alt attributes in image tags can be real helpful. It is proved that it is helpful in describing the particular picture and also the discussion related to that. And this description contains keywords that are relevant to the topic and the picture thereby directing web users when they search the same keyword(s) via search engines.

5. Next, name things correctly. This is done by naming each page on your site with a unique title attribute. SE jumps to the conclusion that every page on your site is the same if the same title is given to all. This thereby negatively impacts its ranking.

6. Linking is also helpful. If you are linking to contents of other sites similar to that of yours, make sure that the content contains a specific keyword that explains the topic under discussion and your link is hyperlinked to the same keyword.

7. What most web application development services company forget is the choice of URL, whether you should keep the www-prefix or not. You should decide whether you should keep it or not before making the site go live. This is because SE treats sites with and without the prefix different. Therefore, it can lead to duplicate content issues.

8. Link building is one of the most important aspects of Search Engine optimization company India. If you more quality links pointing to your site, the better will be your SERP position. So, you should also consider this last point while framing the contents and also the design of your site. Be generous with your own links and in this way you will get link back from other quality sites.

These are just basics, but if you just do it, I believe that this will greatly impact your site’s rank in SERPs.


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