Mar 27, 2012

Five Factors Influencing Online Business

Five Factors Influencing Online Business
According to a software development services company India, the success of online business depends upon the intensity of sales and transaction happening on it. However, to make your online business successful, there are more things you should do. You should have a thorough knowledge about factors that influence your online sales. Here are five factors that directly influence your website’s revenue and profits.

Placement on Search Engine Results Page (SERP)

Placement on SERP is one of the most important factors that impact online market. Your website can get featured on the first, second or even the hundredth page according the search query. This depends upon on the search phrase relevancy. This is when Search Engine Optimization company comes to the rescue. Hire an SEO professional or do it yourself so that your website gets featured on the first or second Search Engine Result Page. In this way, you can gain more visitors and thereby increase sales.


Impression means a single view of an online advertisement. It has a direct effect on the rate of conversion of a website. And by conversion rate we meant the percentage of visitors who make a purchase on the website. It also helps track incoming visitors traffic from various sources like search engines, banner advertisements, etc. and estimate conversion rates. These reports in turn can give you valuable insight into your ad campaigns’ performance and then tell you what is trending and what is not. In this way you can get to know what obstructs visitors from purchasing things from your site and work on how to improvise the same. Various web development company and other online business companies have already prospered through this.

Click Stream Analysis

The path taken by website visitors to browse from an initial point of entry to the conversion point is known as Click Stream. By analyzing this path, website owners can make improvisations to their sales process in order to earn maximum efficiency. Click Stream Analysis is not only helpful in identifying the incompetent points of a website but also helps in determining points where cross-selling can be carried out. You can also with the help of this correct the areas where your business fails and then ensure that your website turns in more sales and revenues.

Return Visitors

Returning visitors of repeat visitors are one of the most valuable assets of a website. It is a proof that the visitors are satisfied with the products and services of your website and hence they are visiting again for the same. Key analysis of returning visitors however is necessary for your website’s success. Find out whether the returning visitors are purchasing anything or not and make amends.

Visitor Retention

This is one important factor that is considered important in order to run a successful online business. Even the biggest software development company tries to retain visitors so that their business can go on successfully. It is good for your business if your visitors spend more time on the website.

The above factors can be a ringing bell for you to improvise your website design company and features so that you can have your business running smoothly.


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