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Jul 21, 2012

Website and Its Benefits

Today, definition of establishing business needs a totally different concept as of twenty years back. Unlike earlier, people are trying to gain the reputation and create a hold on market across boundaries. Internet in this respect proves to be boon for us and one can bring in maximum cash flow to their business. However, the gains of developing a website prove to be far more global and unanimous then just gaining revenues.

Let us check out some of the major benefits of creating websites.

Attract a great customer base:
Recently, people turn out more on computer rather than trusting on pamphlet because internet helps them out in finding better products at the fair deals. If your website happens to rank at the first page well, you can get immense revenue of which you might have never thought of.

Creating a marketing hold for your business:
I think the choices and methods of shopping has revolutionized with the young customers. Having a website is lucrative enough, since it informs the potential clients and customers about your business besides making you familiar with current marketing niche and giving your business a regular boost up.

Build up a confidence and trust factor among customers:
Website creates a huge trust and confidence among customers. The first impression is the last impression is what works with the website. An organized website with poor contents can put your customers off, while a professional and attractive website can provoke the large number of customers to buy your stuff.

Saves your money:
Internet marketing is a cost effective marketing strategy and a website is going to save your money to a great deal. When it comes to giving ads on the print media sometimes it becomes quite costly as well as the information is inadequate and does not stay longer. However, website does not have these constraints regarding infusing contents. Hence, if you happen to get a good PR then you may observe a drastic revenue generation.

24x7 services
The best part of a website is that customers can access the information at any time of the day, and people sitting around any corner of the world can know things without any constraints and troubles regarding time.

Regular updates:
Today, every customer wants to be a smart customer. Therefore, to update your website regarding the products and value added services is very crucial to engage customers and create interest in the business you are offering.

Constant contact and immediate response to the customers:
If you happen to seek interest in doing business by making a website, you must interact with the customers quite frequently. Developing fast customer care services, quick response to mails and other means can make the communication easy for customers.

Understand the fine prints about your competitors:
Unlike traditional business strategy, internet keeps tough competition in the business. One has to keep an edge on the competitors that are working on the same niche and develop their larger live customer base. For this, you make your website absolutely structured and give it a professional look.

Hence, website is quite more affordable than traditional business in this net savvy generation.

Apr 21, 2012

Web Designing – Its Basics

Web designing is one thing which is huge and complicated and new technologies and innovations coming up each day, it is making it all-the-more complicated. There are certain rules that stand tall for all changes and time.

Below are given some basics of web designing:

Most web designers of reputed software development or web development companies consider limiting sizes of images to 10-12Kb and you should do the same. Larger image files make web pages load slower and people are still intolerant of slow loading websites. Therefore, while inserting images in a website, you should make sure that you optimize it to the fullest.

The images you put up on your website should be relevant to the content and the reason why it has been put there. As for example, if you put up pictures of dog and horses in a website of a software development company that deals with web application development or custom software development. The only exception to the rule is when the website is about photography. Try not to use blinking images or moving images. They only annoy visitors.

In terms of layout, always use standard layouts. There are website that use multiple frames on a single page while another section of websites use the horizontal toolbar so that users can read the full content of the web page. In both cases, users get annoyed. Instead of such approaches of web designs, you can use the three column layouts.

Yet another important element is the White-space. This one determines how acceptable the look of your website is. But restrained or more-than-limit use of white-space can have contrasting result.

The main role of graphics in a website is for the look and feel. It plays a great role to those internet users who go for the looks of a website rather than the content.


One thing that most web developers of reputed software development companies stick to is to use Serif font for the headlines and Sans-Serif for the main content of the website. This is because on computer monitors with low screen resolutions, Sans-Serif fonts are easily readable. However, if Serif fonts are used for the main content of the website, it can be unreadable due to blurred effect.

You should also avoid using different types of font on your website. It can be fun putting different fonts but that is one sign that you are still a rookie. It is recommended by web developers as well as SEO professionals that a maximum of three font types should be used in a website. One can be used for the headings, the second for the main content and the third for highlighting important information within the main content.

It is also advised that you should stick to standard font families. Verdana, Geneva, Arial and Helvetica are recommended for they make the website look better.

There are more rules to better web development techniques. Visit back to know more.

Apr 18, 2012

Social Networking and Its Benefits for a Business

Who in this world of today doesn’t know what Social networking is? Everyone has heard about Facebook, MySpace, LinkedIn, Twitter, etc. Social Networking came into being as a form of keeping in touch with friends and people around the world. However, it doesn’t take long for business enthusiasts to make it a place for expanding their business. Search Engine Optimization professionals also use the social networking platform to help sites to gain ranking on search engines. In short, it is up to the type of user that defines the importance of SN. It has now become a buzzing place for people to expand business and explore more on business ventures and ideas.
Business companies have a lot to gain from these websites by using them as a platform to establish their presence to millions of internet users worldwide. The plus point here is that, no company needs to invest a lot on achieving this goal of attaining popularity through Social Networking websites. Below are listed some of the benefits businesses can gain from it.

  • Effective communication with existing and potential clients and at the same time, remain accessible to large number of audience.
  • Promotion of business to people from around the world regardless of any geographical boundaries and difference in time. If you have your software development company in the United States, you can get your company known to all customers around the world. This is another work of Search Engine Optimization professionals which you can do easily.
  • Recruiting employees is never that efficient and easy. Employees can be recruited from a pool of talented professionals and this is done through effective market research.
  • Marketing can be cost-effective for small scale businesses which can be done with limited financial resources by placing businesses before the global market with millions of potential customers from across the world.
These sites are based on human interactions and relationships and the bond hence formed is way-more stronger and impacting than other modes of interactions. This allows business owners to connect directly with end-users and they can be exiting clients, probable employees or potential customers. Therefore, the information passed through this means is more effective and relevant as in comparison to other modes.

Customers don’t go for the cheapest or the best manufacturer but they’d rather go for products and services from companies they trust. As for example, there are thousands of cheap mobile phones manufactured by various companies but people go for manufacturers like Nokia and Samsung. This is because these companies have already established their trust on everyone. Therefore, it is a necessity to establish a good social relationship and this can be done through social networking websites. You can do this yourself or you can hire a software development company or an SEO professional.

But there are things companies should be careful of while attempting to establish a good social relationship. They need to be real careful about the mechanisms and the manner they employ. People prefer to be dealing with relevant conversation when they are online rather than being bombarded with sales pitch and blatant marketing practices. Therefore, it is better that you should not let people know that you are marketing even though you are.

Mar 28, 2012

CSS Tips for Better Web Design

CSS Tips for Better Web Design

Using Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) can be a hard task. But if once used to its optimal level and if one has a great deal of knowledge about it, it can be a very powerful language and with it you can create amazing websites. Here are some CSS tips which will help you in creating better web designs.

Browser Incompatibility

Browser incompatibility is one major problem face by web developers worldwide. To ensure that your website works equally best on all browsers, you need to make sure that the layout of your website looks the same on all web browsers. You may have seen websites appearing perfect on a particular browser turn out to be a total disaster on other browsers. This in turn has a negative impact on your online business. Therefore, when you design your website, you should make sure that you run test on all major browsers and tweak it to perfection.

Design for Smaller Resolution Browsers

Even the most popular web development company at time fails to consider designing for smaller resolutions browsers or computer. There are section of people who use low resolution monitor or slow internet connections. A website with high resolution design is a big no for them because their browser will not support the design or their connection will take time to load the website or the graphic will overlap each other thereby rendering improper interface. Therefore, you will be losing this section of if you don’t consider designing websites keeping them in view. This tip is also good in terms of Search Engine Optimization.

Use Frameworks

Using framework can help you make perfect web layouts that are cross-browser compatible and are also tested well. CSS framework can be the best solution for a well tested web designs. You can find a lot of CSS framework available nowadays.

Use Generic Classes

Each time you develop a website, you may make the mistake of naming CSS classes differently. Instead of that, you can try making a simple CSS class which can be used repeatedly all through the design without having to refer back to a previous one. This will ensure that your web design will remain constant throughout.

Validate your HTML

CSS is dependent on HTML. Therefore, you cannot validate your CSS until and unless you have validated the HTML. Non-validated HTML may cause variation in the website’s layout.

Validate your CSS

Validation is one very important thing a web development company or a web developer should do so that all coding errors will be eliminated. This also makes sure that the design is error free and cross-browser compatible.

Avoid Using Large Background Images

Large background image means more file size. Therefore, in place of using large image as a background image, it is suggested that you select a small one and repeat it across the web page using CSS.

Use CSS with Care

There is no doubt that CSS is an amazing tool but this doesn’t mean that you should use it in places when lighter feature would enhance your web performance. Therefore, you should use it only when necessary.

Other tips are like, avoid using Inline CSS and use few lines. If you follow the above CSS tips of web design and web development, there is no doubt that you will come up with a perfect web design.

Mar 27, 2012

Five Factors Influencing Online Business

Five Factors Influencing Online Business
According to a software development services company India, the success of online business depends upon the intensity of sales and transaction happening on it. However, to make your online business successful, there are more things you should do. You should have a thorough knowledge about factors that influence your online sales. Here are five factors that directly influence your website’s revenue and profits.

Placement on Search Engine Results Page (SERP)

Placement on SERP is one of the most important factors that impact online market. Your website can get featured on the first, second or even the hundredth page according the search query. This depends upon on the search phrase relevancy. This is when Search Engine Optimization company comes to the rescue. Hire an SEO professional or do it yourself so that your website gets featured on the first or second Search Engine Result Page. In this way, you can gain more visitors and thereby increase sales.


Impression means a single view of an online advertisement. It has a direct effect on the rate of conversion of a website. And by conversion rate we meant the percentage of visitors who make a purchase on the website. It also helps track incoming visitors traffic from various sources like search engines, banner advertisements, etc. and estimate conversion rates. These reports in turn can give you valuable insight into your ad campaigns’ performance and then tell you what is trending and what is not. In this way you can get to know what obstructs visitors from purchasing things from your site and work on how to improvise the same. Various web development company and other online business companies have already prospered through this.

Click Stream Analysis

The path taken by website visitors to browse from an initial point of entry to the conversion point is known as Click Stream. By analyzing this path, website owners can make improvisations to their sales process in order to earn maximum efficiency. Click Stream Analysis is not only helpful in identifying the incompetent points of a website but also helps in determining points where cross-selling can be carried out. You can also with the help of this correct the areas where your business fails and then ensure that your website turns in more sales and revenues.

Return Visitors

Returning visitors of repeat visitors are one of the most valuable assets of a website. It is a proof that the visitors are satisfied with the products and services of your website and hence they are visiting again for the same. Key analysis of returning visitors however is necessary for your website’s success. Find out whether the returning visitors are purchasing anything or not and make amends.

Visitor Retention

This is one important factor that is considered important in order to run a successful online business. Even the biggest software development company tries to retain visitors so that their business can go on successfully. It is good for your business if your visitors spend more time on the website.

The above factors can be a ringing bell for you to improvise your website design company and features so that you can have your business running smoothly.

Mar 24, 2012

Better Web Design Tips for Better Search Engine Rankings

Better Web Design Tips for Better Rankings

At a point back in time, web design used to be real simple. Making the site attractive to the eyes has been the only important feature. This uncomplicated web designing services company India motto has been laid to rest long ago. Nowadays Search Engine Optimization Services Company India has totally changed the face of web designing. Therefore, it is time that you give a new look to your website but this time with better result, i.e. better rankings.

Here are some tips which you can consider if you want your website to gain better rankings. These are tips that big outsource search engine optimization experts company companies do to help their clients’ website gain good stats.

1. The first tip of all is that you should consider devoting more time in coding than designing. This is needed if no professional SEO technician is assisting you in doing the same. Spending more time in coding will help in creating a better “look and feel” of the site and with much ease. And by using descriptive tags in structuring your pages, it will ensure that search engines can easily read and understand all important contents of your site thereby ensuring better rank on Search Engine Results Page.

2. The second web design tip is that you should not keyword-stuff your content on the page but place them in strategic places throughout your site. You don’t need any outsource web development company India help to do this. And also remember that you can be penalized for keyword stuffing.

3. Don’t use Flash contents unless it is very important. The reason is that using Flash can affect your site’s ranking. However, web development companies use it a lot and that is a bad move. Using Flash for navigation, a trendy drop-down menu, etc. are very tempting but Search Engines have a difficult time reading and understanding such files.

4. Using alt attributes in image tags can be real helpful. It is proved that it is helpful in describing the particular picture and also the discussion related to that. And this description contains keywords that are relevant to the topic and the picture thereby directing web users when they search the same keyword(s) via search engines.

5. Next, name things correctly. This is done by naming each page on your site with a unique title attribute. SE jumps to the conclusion that every page on your site is the same if the same title is given to all. This thereby negatively impacts its ranking.

6. Linking is also helpful. If you are linking to contents of other sites similar to that of yours, make sure that the content contains a specific keyword that explains the topic under discussion and your link is hyperlinked to the same keyword.

7. What most web application development services company forget is the choice of URL, whether you should keep the www-prefix or not. You should decide whether you should keep it or not before making the site go live. This is because SE treats sites with and without the prefix different. Therefore, it can lead to duplicate content issues.

8. Link building is one of the most important aspects of Search Engine optimization company India. If you more quality links pointing to your site, the better will be your SERP position. So, you should also consider this last point while framing the contents and also the design of your site. Be generous with your own links and in this way you will get link back from other quality sites.

These are just basics, but if you just do it, I believe that this will greatly impact your site’s rank in SERPs.

Mar 23, 2012

Some Undeniable Points for DIY Search Engine Optimization ( SEO )

Some Undeniable Points for DIY SEO

When you first step in to the internet world for expanding your business, the first thing that troubles you is the heightened competition between companies. Yours is not the only Web Development Company Indiayou will see thousand other companies competing to be the best. Reputation and popularity online is done through Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Services Company India.

Now, you may think of hiring professionals. Don’t you do that yet, doing SEO yourself is not that complex. By doing the basics, you can save hundreds of dollars and get equal results to that of professionals. There is denying the fact that professionals can get better results but you should definitely try doing it yourself first.

Basic SEO is something simple and worth trying. It can be time consuming but once you get on track, you will not need help of any Web Application Development Company India. Here are some points you should think about if you are doing it yourself:

1. You will start off with domain name registration. You should ensure that it reflects what your site is about. Keep the name short as long as it is related to the services and products provided by your company. You may also consider giving the domain name related to the services and products of your company. Getting a sub-domain of a popular domain will also help in getting indexed more quickly.

2. Page title is the next thing. It is also known as the HTML Title Tag which is important in making search engines understand what the page is all about. Remember that it is the title tag is the first thing a search engine looks at in order to determine the website’s relevance. Therefore, for a better SEO score, you should use important keywords in your title tags. For example, instead of calling the home page home, make it a short description of the page like keeping.

3. Primary Meta tags nowadays aren’t that much important as it used to be. However, the description tag is still used by some search engines in displaying information about websites to users and helps them decide whether the website is of their use or not. Therefore, you should also not forget putting the description tag. For short descriptions, you can also use the alt tag.

4. Keyword density, this is one thing which comes into play in the long run. Having good keyword density in all the contents of every page is good but you should also know that each search engines has their own requirements when it comes to keyword density. In average, 5-8% is considered the optimal level. Don’t keyword-stuff your contents or search engines might mark your site down.

5. Most Search Engines review web page’s importance according to the number and quality of incoming links from other sites. It is therefore helpful in linking your sites to some related websites. This should also be done in a way that you don’t overdo it. Asking other related sites to use your keyword as the text of your incoming links can also be very helpful. As for example, ask other pages to use Web Development Company for the linking text if your company deals on the same.

If you follow the above points, you can do SEO yourself and do it right. Search Engine Optimization Company if done the right way, can keep your site on top of SERPs as long as you want to be.